Snowcapped mountains, dramatic peaks, untouched wilderness, the unexplored, the mysterious, the unknown.

Thinking about the sheer scale of the world, the drama of the landscape and a trip to Queenstown, New Zealand, inspired these pieces. 

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Fanz Josef is a glacier on the South Island of New Zealand, where you walk up in the middle of what is now a small running river (dry days), up and up and up until you're faced with a dirty looking, sludgy front of the glacier. The ice is the most incredible blue, the shadow cast by the sun. The glacier has receeded 800 metres since 2008. 

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Infinite shifts and movements

The world is subtly changing around us. To me, mountains are in constant movement, whether it be the changing light reflecting from clouds or the sun, to the literal movement as the earth beneath us shifts and moves. On my way to work every morning I like to look at the mountains like this, as a gentle and kind reminder of my place in the world.