Lessons I learned during my 100 day project

It's been more than 100 days, but I have ALMOST finished my 100 day project. I only have 4 days to go. This years challenge has felt a lot more like work than last years, but with that comes a sense of deep satisfaction. I think it's good to reflect at the end of finishing something and go 'what even happened here?'

So here a few things that I learnt about myself, my art practice:

  1. Showing up even when you have no ideas. There were countless days were I had nothing to go with and I would just show up at my ipad, my studio and see what would happen. The beauty with patterns is that there are a few rules and they are good guiding principles.
  2. Make crap art an share anyway. It never mattered. Usually if I thought it was terrible, I got heaps of 'oh wow! this is awesome' comments. Brains and egos are weird. 
  3. Be intentional. The more I thought through what I was hoping to achieve, the colours I was going to use, the motifs, the repeat, the style... everything, the better my art became. I had been the type of person to slap paint down in an very messy, abstract, unintentional way and I always felt that something was missing. Being intentional with my practice, giving myself time and space to develop my concepts made all of the difference. 
  4. Practice self-care. This one I started when I realised I couldn't make something every. single. day. and making sure I was okay with it. In my previous post, I talked about taking care of myself and I have really put some things into practice that are paying dividends. I am eating well, meditating, walking (we've done bushwalks!), reading, and this has resulted in sleeping better, feeling like I am more present, aware of the negative self-talk and chatter that goes on constantly in my head and choosing what I listen to and what I don't. I feel less stressed, which means the energy I used to be putting into just the merely waking up and getting ready, going to work, coming home, repeating, I have for other things. I've rekindled my love of cooking! It feels like this practices have broken the repetitive cycle I was feeling I was in and I feel more engaged with the world. Truth: I am writing this post just before I get ready for work - it's a cool winter's morning, I have my coffee, my dog is resting his head on my shoulder and things are okay. 
  5. Achieving some kick-ass goals: I made some kind of pattern for 100 days. It's nuts. I said I was going to do something and I DID it. It feels good. I need to be my own cheersquad here. No excuses and saying ' yeah but... insert self-deprecating comment here.'  I feel more confident saying 'hey, I love patterns!' and talking about my art and being okay with all of the other questions that come along with that.
  6. New goals to be set next week when I finish this project! Boom!

There were plenty more things I learnt along the way, about technique, patience, slowing things down which I will write about soon. 

till then. 

Go and make something. 

Carrie xx 

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